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Printed Boxes

Single Colour Cake Snack & Pizza Box Printing

For smaller Restaurant Takeaway & Food Service businesses unable to put in large orders, wanting small quantity recurring orders, we can arrange to custom print your logo in a Single Colour Only onto some of our Stock takeaway Corrugated & Cartonboard Snack Cake & Pizza Box Range within a reasonable delivery timeframe, from our local manufacturing. MOQ will depend on the size & type of the boxes.  Please get in touch with us with your Logo & with details of size, quantiities & coverage area required.  An additional one off initial plate set up cost upwards of $250 applies which  offsets itself in time over recurring order.

We also have options to arrange more cost effective  larger volume ongoing orders of MOQ 20000 Boxes  via our overseas manufacturers. Lead times apply. Get in touch with us to discuss these options of how we can hold your stock & supply within mutually agreed timelines. Where possible our design team can also give you a helping hand.

Small Quantity printing on Boxes we arrange, are a PAD printing process & your logo will be done in a Single Colour Only & the quality of the printing is not as highly accurate, consistent & high gloss as alternative digitally printed boxes & suitable for corrugated or cartonboard without high gloss finishes
This small quantity printing service offer is available solely for Foodservice or similar recurring businesses & DOES NOT APPLY to one off Agency or Promotional activity as the time & effort involved is only viable when we have potential for a recurring ongoing business opportunity after all effort for initial set up  is undertaken.

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